Start the New Year by Helping someone in Need

January 2, 2017 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

Helping others in need is what makes are world go round.  And when you need love and support, others will be there for you.  Many of you may not know that I have a Cancer Foundation called, Calling all Angels, the Charlene von Hoffmann Cancer Foundation. I started it when my beloved Mother died from Cancer.  It helps Cancer Patients who are all alone in the battle of Cancer.  Currently I fund this foundation through my own efforts and it’s my baby.  Many may not know that I am a Cancer Coach as17077972_1483067882.9311 well as a Sales Coach.  I support patients in any way they need, if I have it in my  power to do so.  Sometimes that means research, Sometimes food, sometimes explaining things, sometimes helping with hurdles like Dr. visits…direction and sometimes just being a friend.

Here is a good reason to donate what you can to help this young lady, Nicole who is a single Mom with 3 children out.  She is a Niece of a friend of mine and she could just as easily be one of my Niece’s.  Too young!

By helping others you  spread Love and Love is what the world needs right now.  Every bit of it counts!

Thank you  and Happy New Year to you, to Nicole and her children!

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