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by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales and Business Development Coach for Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches  Copyright 2012


I like to use acronyms to remind myself of sales best practices.  I think it’s a quick easy way to remember essential points when you are in SALES MODE with a client.

TIME is one of my favorites, as it is an overall great way to assess each encounter with a prospect.  By memorizing this acronym, it’s easy to evaluate while you are in the moment with the prospect.   The clock is ticking my friends, are you getting more sales and growing your career or not.

Here’s a great way to do just that…


Was your timing right with this prospect. 

How did it feel.  You will know because your sales pace will seem perfect or off.  Great timing feels right.  Everything fall into place.  You delivered what you needed to, when you needed to and it felt good.



Did you invest Quality time with this prospect?

Many times I see Sales People spending time with clients but not quality time.  Quality times asking great questions, building rapport, building trust, getting to know them and their needs.  When you invest quality time, your client will feel totally listened to, heard and remember how you stood out from all of the other visits they had that day.



Did you manage your time well with this prospect?

That means are you paying attention to your sales cycle, getting right to the home you think is perfect choice for them because you asked the right questions upfront?  Your time is important and as traffic increases, you need to get better at this.  Instead of wandering from model to model, site to site hoping they fall in love with something.    You know where you are taking them because you asked dug deep to discover needs, wants and must haves.  You are giving them everything they want, they are having a great experience, just in a more efficient time period.



Did you have a great ending with this prospect?

That means did you close them or move the sale forward.  If they didn’t buy today did you set a definite next meeting time and date and have a few reasons to call them back with information?  You followed up right away.  Your follow up was memorable.  Did you make the experience so memorable, that they went away dreaming of buying what you sold them?  Will they remember YOU and leave wanting to buy from YOU?  Remember with this one, sometimes the simple things in life have the biggest effect.  That’s what great endings are all about!


Remember this acronym and use it with every prospect.  Just watch your sales conversions increase…

Happy Selling


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  1. Bob Mac says:

    This is a great idea. I believe most sales people just go along and figure the longer they are with and talking to a prospect the better they are doing.

  2. Jenifer Scott says:

    Great advise for all of us in New Home Sales. Thanks Queen of Sales!

  3. Your welcome Jenifer, glad you liked it.

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