The Blame Game

May 5, 2012 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

Does this sound familiar?  

Mr Jones gave you a poor rating on the follow up customer service closing report to your Manager.  He said you didn’t respond to his needs in a timely manner.

First thing that goes across your mind is, “I can hardly wait to hear from my Manager on this!”  Second thing might be, “Man that guy was so hard to please, he complained about everything!”

You will always have failures with clients but use those opportunities as blessings. They are gifts to you.  Gifts from one client so you can fix the problem so the next one won’t experience it.  Opportunities to get better and make your team better.  Your manager will respect you more for fixing the hole in the process and admitting there was one, then pushing off responsibility or pointing blame.

I take the failure and use it to fix something in my process.  For instance if I have a client say, you didn’t return my call.  I will look at my system and see where the hole is,. And patch it, so it never happens again.  That is what Top Sellers do.  They use failure as opportunity.  They are the people who thrive all the time, in any market.  We have to be focused on thriving, not just surviving.  Seeing the bigger picture and the future is a trait I look for when coaching Rain Makers.

Making excuses for failures protects our egos. We have all done it and it seems to help, temporarily. But, making excuses has proved costly in the long run because excuses keep us from facing the truth about ourselves. It keeps us from going to work and correcting our mistakes, eliminating our weaknesses, developing our talents, and improving our character.  Usually the problem or failure will just pop up again at a later date.  Eventually it will ruin your performance.

How have you reacted to past failures? Did you point blame others and circumstances beyond your control, avoid facing the circumstances, and live in fear that something worse might happen? Did you chalk them up to bad luck or worse blame your prospect? Did you develop resentment against those who complained? Did you come to believe that you could never overcome difficult obstacles?

If this is how you reacted, you have missed some HUGE opportunity to grow. HUGE Lessons.  HUGE Gifts.

If you are going to point the finger of blame, point it at yourself. Face failures and missed opportunities analyze them, and commit yourself to develop a way to achieve better outcomes. Once you make the fix the problem goes away forever and you are a better Sales Person because of it.

Happy Sales

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