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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann
Sales & Business Development Coach for
HomeBuilders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions Copyrights 2012


Many times when working with my private coaching clients,  I ask them to work on their elevator speech.  You know the 30 second commercial.  I also like them to have a 60 second and 90 second commercial.

Here is an good example of what can go on in an elevator.

Recently, I was in the elevator on the way to a large client appointment and a handsome guy in a good looking suit boarded.  He greeted me and said, “Good morning, how ya doing?”  I returned the greeting and went on to say, you look smart today, are you on the way to an appointment.  He replied and said, well yes, I have an important interview with a new hire.

I then asked, “what do you do for a living?” He said he was the Director of Sales for a large real estate brokerage.

My follow-up question was, “How do you maximize your sales leads? (Elevator Question)

He paused and then replied, “Well it depends on the situation, what do you do for a living?”

I said, “I am in the business of helping organizations reduce their lost sales revenue through coaching and training salespeople.” (Elevator Statement)

An elevator question is any question that cuts to the heart of your prospect’s challenges, concerns or fears, and makes him think. It also implies that you or your organization may have a possible solution for his problems. Remember that elevator questions are not used only on elevators. They can be used at social settings, while networking, with friends, on social media, while selling on the telephone or anywhere during the sales process.

So have you practiced what your Elevator Speech is?


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  1. Renicia Fewell says:


    I have always enjoyed reading your blog/articles, Ive always found them to be insightful, timely and encouraging,
    And find myself Always looking forward to the next.

    The last four that you’ve written (Living your dreams, The elevator speech, Knowing your value, and Choosing your friends wisely) for me are the most timely and thought-provoking of all!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Renicia,

    Thanks so much for that! I wish more would give their input and thoughts…it’s nice to hear and nice to have the exchange!

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