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Oprah just left NBC and made her OWN network. Of course she has owned her own show for quite some time so her life isn’t any worse, she just grew. No wonder why the word OWN is part of the word GROWN. Because usually to be successful owning you must also grow yourself constantly.

Your sales job is your business, and you are the boss. Remember, that’s why you got into Sales in the first place. By being on commissions you get to call your own shots, make a lot of money and have the freedom to thrive! But then this market changed and now what? No traffic, no sales…no income. Right? Wrong, remember you OWN IT!

The thing is, to be successful in this market or any market you must change your ways, not just a little but a lot and not just once or twice, but everyday. You are self-employed and must be constantly dreaming of how you can be GROWING, be better, more efficient and how you can make your business better.

Most, unfortunately, don’t treat it that way. They show up to work, open the door and wait for prospects. You go through the motions during working hours and forget about your day at closing time. You blame the customer for not qualifying; complain about your commission structure, endless paperwork and your Manager nagging you. You digress to paperwork and emails and before you know it there isn’t enough time in the day for anything else.

So here is the deal, it isn’t your time but how you set your priorities; and the one and only priority is your business, you are the owner of that business. The only priority you should have each day is how to grow your business and the process of doing that. And there is a process to all successful business, trust me. You can simply choose to invest that time throughout your day and the rewards will be great.

Here’s a good start to setting your Priorities!

Get up an hour early and try a morning walk and some exercise first thing. It gives you time to plan your day in my head, breathe, meditate, be grateful and move your body. I really wakes you up for the day. Before you arrive to work I have a plan in my head and on paper of what I will accomplish that day.

As the boss of your business, you need to think of ways to make revenue. You should never be bored. There are always things you can being doing to drive traffic, touch prospects and outsell your competition. If you are a Top Producer mentality then there is never any down time. When you keep busy, making business happen you will see the days just fly by and it’s really fun to be creative in your approach and reap the rewards of your efforts.

I know I said that you are your own boss, and you are. But in Sales you have many other bosses – they are just called customers and prospects and they feed you and your family. They provide for every luxury that you have or will have, and they can replace you with your competition very quickly if they are not tended to and treated with the respect and TLC they deserve. Never, ever take a prospect coming through the door for granted as they are THE SUNSHINE in your day.

A good way to keep yourself in check, after every prospect encounter is to give it the TLC check:

  • TIME -Did I do everything possible to maximize my time and efforts with that prospect?
  • LISTEN -Did I listen carefully to that prospect for their needs, sell them those needs and did I hear and respond to their buying signals?
  • CLOSE -Did I close that prospect and get the deal?

There is a saying and it says, “As soon as you stop growing, you are dead.” That saying is so true. You find most people who feel burnt out are people who have stopped growing. When you stop growing, it seems like you stop loving what you do, you become negative, bitter and not fun to be around. When you continue to grow, you continue to be engaged, optimistic and energetic and positive about the future. And of course the extra money you make from growth helps keep you this way!

Constant reading, learning, training, scripting, trying and failing are all part of the job. I have a friend who is a very successful hairdresser. The reason I love having him do my hair is because even though he has done hair for 30 years, he still stays fresh and tries new styles all of the time. He still goes to hair shows to grow his talent and while there gives me 100% of his attention and really gets in to and loves what he does for a living. I never leave there with an ordinary haircut. He is extraordinary and it comes through in his work and he is always busy because of it.
A business owner invests his time and uses it to his advantedge by learning, writing, reading, practicing, keeping fresh, marketing and networking. In a word, a person with a business is always prospecting, ALWAYS. They are thinking about their business all of the time even off the clock. When I have days with no clients, marketing is 90% of my day. Remember, as a sales person, you are a business owner – and it’s time for you to act like one too and OWN IT!

The market of yesterday is dead…and so is the way we went about doing Sales in that market. If you keep selling the way you did, you will be yesterday’s news in more ways than one. But by treating your sales job as your OWN business you will ensure that you successful and happy in any market.

By Shirleen von Hoffmann Owner and Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge, Creating VIP’s and Vortex Sales Coaching 2011©
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    Great info…and so very true!

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