The Picture Close-Words Paint Pictures

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By Zig Ziglar

We want to talk about the fact that words paint pictures. As a matter of fact, the first close I’m going to share with you is called simply, “The Picture Close.”
Several years ago, The New York Times ran a series of ads trying to sell a home over in New Jersey for a Mr. and Mrs. Lowe. Now in their ads, they had had five brokers who were working on it, the ad ran for three months. They ran what we call a typical, standard ad. Simply like:

Cozy six-room home, ranch style with fireplace, garage, tile baths, all hot-water heat. Convenient to the Rutgers campus, stadium and golf courses and primary schools.

These are the facts. But let me emphasize the point: people do not buy facts. They buy warm. People benefit if they can see those benefits translated to their own personal use.

Well, after three months of standard things not working, Mrs. Lowe entered the picture herself. She decided to write an ad, and here’s what she wrote:

Headline: “We’ll miss our home.” We’ve been happy in it, but two bedrooms are not enough for us, so we must move. If you like to be cozy by a fire while you admire autumn woods through wide windows protected from the street. If you like a shady yard in summer, a clear view of winter sunsets and quiet enough to hear frogs in spring, but city utilities and conveniences, you might like to buy our home. We hope so. We don’t want it to be empty and alone at Christmas.

Now, words paint pictures.

© 2007 by Zig Ziglar

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