The Sign of a True Sales Pro

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann “The Sales Queen” President & Sales Coach for Homebuilders AdvantEdge® and Creating VIP’s® Copyrights 2009©

I recently evaluated and coached about twenty five Sales Professionals via Video analysis. I usually give takeaways to each depending on the needs. I am always amazed at the True Sales Pro’s I meet in my business. Of all the folks that I evaluated, the one who rated the highest and had the best shop is the one who followed up with me on her takeaways. She emailed me asking me to take a look at her results and help her to fine tune them. She showed great professionalism. She did what so many sales professionals will not do. She;

Evaluated her own performance –42-15641227
Putting aside her emotions and focusing on a better process and outcome.

Acknowledged that it could have gone much better –
Admitting that first to herself and then she took action.

Worked to come up with better scripts for her meet and greets and closes-
She molded them to fit her style and her sales routine.

Asked for coaching on her results, so she could do better next time –
It’s not easy to expose your ego to criticism.

She realized that her initial impression to her prospects and her closing skills could make or break her future. She didn’t get defensive, take it personal or make excuses. She listened to the advice, asked for clarification and drilled down to specific actions she could take to make the fixes. And then she committed to those actions and made it happen.

What a great demonstration of a True Sales Pro!

Her rating the best of all my evaluations did not deter her willingness and momentum to be better. When she emailed me for further coaching to evaluate her results, she set herself apart from most sales professionals. She has a great career ahead of her with that type of mindset.

What about you? What are you currently doing that isn’t producing the results you want or need? Who can you call for advice or coaching so you can do better?

And the challenge…pick up the phone and call them…you’ll be glad you did. Never hesitate to blog here with your questions and I’ll do my best to help.  Just my thoughts to those of you out there who are taking charge of your careers instead of waiting and wondering.  Happy Sales!

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  1. Marc Adams says:

    Hello Shirleen, like your thinking and found it thought provoking. Appreciate your contribution.

    Wishing you well, respectfully,

    Dr. Marc Clark
    President & CEO at

  2. Dr Marc,

    Thanks for the input and I am glad my article provoked thought. That is my best compliment and intention.

    Take Care


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