Then End All in Open Ended Questions

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales and Business Development Coach for Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches  Copyright 2012



I find many sales representatives get a little confused when you talk about open ended questions.

Let me make it simple.  Open ended questions get your prospect talking not you.  So you must structure your questions to get them talking.

There is no better way to get to know your prospect, their needs, lives and must haves other than asking them great open ended questions.

Here are a few steps to make your life easy when it comes to open ended questions, compliments of the Queen of Sales!

  • Come up with a few new opened ended questions each week and practice them on your clients.  Work them over, changing up the structure, until they sound natural and note which questions give you the most bang for your buck.  In other words which questions gives you the best response from your client?  Once you figure out which questions work best, use them every time.
  • The easiest way to get people talking is to start your question with “Tell me about”.
  • Another great way to get people to open up is explain you are going to ask them quite a few questions so you can narrow down the product that fits their needs thus saving them time.  It’s an upfront disclosure and shows respect honoring their time. It can go something like this, “I like to ask my clients a few preference questions upfront to narrow down your needs to what I have to offer and save you some time.  So let’s start with…”
  • Have questions you ask in the beginning and questions you ask a little later in the presentation.
  • Start with needs and wants first, then dive into more personal questions once you have built some trust and rapport.
  • As you ask any open-ended questions, keep in mind when asking questions to not sound like you are interrogating them, getting upfront permission helps with this.
  • Also don’t come across as insincere or like a phony baloney.  No one likes a bad car sales person.  I think most people can tell when you are being genuine.
  • If your client answers a question but you want them to expand a bit more, ask them, “tell me a little more about…?” You’ll be surprised at just how much more you can learn.

People love to talk about themselves; it’s a real talent to be able to open up your prospects.  You not only get valuable information about them but they feel listened to, valued and YOU stand out from all of the rest!

Happy Selling!

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