Tips for sniffing out new prospects

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Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to win new business. This fact hit home a few weeks ago when I spoke to a Sales Person who uses our sales training. She let me know that she is expected to bring in prospects in addition to the prospects walking in the door from Builder advertising. In fact, her builder has given her goals to meet in this department. She must keep the pace. Just 2 weeks before, her company laid off a slew of underperforming Sales People.

I have to admit, just speaking to her made me a bit excited because she seemed very eager and excited to meet her goals I know she isn’t the only Sales Person who needs help, so I’ve come up with some ideas to help you and your sales team meet your goals. The good news is your prospects are “hiding out” in some very nearby places. When you are looking for then sometimes those prospects are right under your nose.

Here are 3 ways to sniff out new prospects

Tip #1: Know your Prospects
If you know who your prospects are you can market to them. You must keep track of your prospects, who they are, where they work, where they come from and where they live. Once you know this you can start a database to track these findings. If you see a pattern of prospects coming from one particular source you can market to that source. It might be a certain employer apartment complex or surrounding community. Once you know you can come up with a marketing program around the source.

Tip #2: Know your surroundings
There is almost always communities surrounding your community that are older and the people living there that may be ready to move up. Take a drive around and research this fact and which community might be a good fit for your community. Find a community you would like to target, get the street coordinates and give them to your escrow company. They can obtain a farm list for you with all of the names and address of the homeowners living in that community. You can then derive a marketing campaign around “out with the old and in with the new.”

Tip #3: Past Builder Communities
You should be marketing to your past communities and giving some sort of reward for repeat buyers. This is a no-brainer that a lot of builders, Managers and Sales Agents miss. This is warm call and much easier than a cold call. You have already worked with these buyers and they were hopefully happy with your home. You should pick a community that fits your move up profile and market to the entire community. The warranty department will have all of the names and addresses you will need to successfully market to them.

I hope these tips help Salespeople meet their goals and bring new prospects to your door! Sometimes you find treasures, right in your own backyard, if you take the time to look for it.

Happy Sales!

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