Top 10% – What’s the Secret Sauce?

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There are only a handful of Sales Professionals that get into the top 10%. In fact the old saying 10% of the people do 90% of the business still rings0315_retirement-planning-late-start-start-saving-10-percent_485x340 true. After all of these years, it never changes. Just look at any President’s Club in any given company. I think this statistic is amazingly accurate and it always blows my mind.

So what is it that makes someone rise to this level? What is the Secret Sauce? Are they wired different? Why do some succeed where others fail? Is it personality, persistence, skills or just plain luck? It’s my belief that there are definite skillsets and personality traits that when put together make the best of the best.

Here are 10 things I look for when hiring.

Drive, Focus and Persistence

Top Producing Sales Professionals are driven…I know because I was one. They think about their game from the time they get up until the time they crash at night. Their mind is like a machine that seldom stops thinking and it’s usually about their business. They have focus like a race horse; fast and straight, o they don’t look up much, other than to see if anyone is passing them. Lastly, they never give up. They have an endless appetite for learning, knowledge, growth, processes, execution and they get up every day and do it; day in and day out.

Self-Sustaining, Big Picture Thinkers

Most Top Producers are great Managers of their own business. They are running their own enterprise. They know what they want and how to get it. As a Manager you really need to just support them, but they don’t need the day to day hand holding that some do. I have always found they take up the least time out of a Managers day.

Knowledge and Planning

I was always amazed at fellow President Club members. They knew the products better than the people who created them. They knew every inch of their products and could find the differentiation between their products and the competitor’s products very quickly. Though I do think luck could have some effect with success, to sustain success you must have a plan and be altering that plan, all of the time. Great Sales People have a plan to be great and they are able to maneuver that plan quickly, when it’s not viable.

Charisma and Confidence

Great Sales People have an energy you just want to be around. They know their stuff and are able to relay that confidence to the Client or Prospect. They have this confidence that is an energy you can feel. It’s says, I know what I am doing so step aside and let me do my thing. They don’t stutter or stammer; they know who they are, why they are good and can tell you that quickly.

Fierce Competitors

This may be the one trait that is a key ingredient in the Secret Sauce. Top Producers are fierce competitors even if they don’t appear to be on the outside. Whether they learned that at an early age from sports or activity, a competitive floor with a sibling or maybe an overbearing Parent driving them, it’s definitely a trait you will find in most Top Producing Sales People. They HATE to lose.

It’s my belief when you put all of this together, you have a very special individual that can achieve the highest levels of production, time and time again.

Is it only for the chosen few? Can this be learned?  I say YES, for those willing to step up and put forth the effort, anything is possible!  Remember a Secret Sauce is nothing more learning the special ingredients!


By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President/Sales Coach for HomeBuilders Edge & Sales Team Coaches  Copyright 2015

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