Traffic is UP… Are you?

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By Shirleen von Hoffmann Business Development Coach Home for Builders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions Copyright 2012

We are seeing more sales happening in our world in California, traffic is up as well.  So it’s starting to wake us up, get us on our feet, out of our winter/recession doldrums.  Finally, yeah!!

That’s the good news, right.  I’ll bet some of you out there forgot how to write a contract and handle traffic control!  So now the fun begins.  Now is the time Sales Pro’s start to shine.  Now is the time to get your Sales Game Up! So let’s keep a few things in mind as we go forward.

Maximize your Time

Make sure you are asking the right questions up front with your buyers to get them to the place where they are going quicker.  With higher traffic, you need to be in more places than one.  So asking the right questions upfront will save you time and energy with each prospect.  With things picking, you really need to start getting organized and think about everything you are doing in your day, in your presentation, with each prospect and buyer to make sure you are maximized!  You don’t want to miss any opportunities to sell!

I have an acronym I like to use with the Agents…ATM=$

I use an acronym so the agents remember it, while in sales mode. Fit these questions in UPFRONT among some rapport building before you head out with the clients.  Save time by getting to know them a bit in the beginning, before they see your product.

A  – Area (What area are you coming from today?)

Is a bit of an ice breaker and tells you a lot about them and where you need to go with them. You may be telling them about your area if they are from out of town or if they are from down the street, it may tell you they are looking at decorating or underwater…it depends!  Most agents like asking this question.

T – Time Frame questions (Tell me when do you plan on making a move?)

You will save time with this question by taking them to a model or standing inventory, depends on when they are moving.  If they are moving in 45 days why take them to a model and show them a bunch of options they can’t have?  Take them to inventory and show them your standing inventory and save time!

M – Model questions (Let’s talk about what you are looking for briefly, Give me an idea of the type of home you are wanting? 1 or 2 Story, Size, Lot, must haves, so I can better direct you?)

Instead of walking three models, you take them to the one that fits their needs.

$ = Money questions  (Tell me about the price you have in mind?

Have you been prequalified with a lender yet?  If so, what was the amount they approved you for? )  Don’t be afraid to get to this question upfront, you can’t spend an hour with someone when you don’t know the answer to this question.

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