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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, President and Sales Coach of HomeBuilders AdvantEdge copyright 2010

Trust is something one earns and is certainly required in order to make a sale. Without trust, there is no rapport or connectivity and your sales cycle will take longer than it should and possible without a good result. So in any sale, you need to first gain trust. Gaining trust is the first objective in the Selling Cycle. Building Rapport will gain Trust quicker than anything and the two go hand in hand. As in any relationship you must have rapport and trust usually is intermingled somewhere along the line.

I believe you must also have a sincere, trustworthy personality and people will know that on an intuitive level. Most times people can pick up someone who is not interested in their best interest and feel it. You know how some Sales People give you the creeps! So having an internal trustworthiness is important before you start any outward techniques.

How do you secure trust in your sales approach today?
1. Do talk about yourself, your years in the business, reputation…
2. Do talk about your Builder, years in the business, reputation, quality…
3. Find out what interests the prospect, such as sports, hobbies…fun stuff.
4. Find out about their situation, their family, their work, their life.
5. Offer a firm handshake, when appropriate.
6. Giving them your time and undivided attention.
7. Knowing and using their names.
8. Being truly genuine and “Real”, not a phony baloney Sales Person.
9. Being genuinely interested in them and their needs and wants.
10. Asking great questions and providing solutions for their needs.
11. Finding commonalities with your prospects.
12. Sharing your own experiences and stories.

Making sure you follow up with things that are meaningful to them, secures that trust you built. It lets them know they were important enough, that you heard them, listened to their needs and are taking the time to provide solutions to their needs. I can assure you, your competition is not.

I don’t know about you but from my own experience, I always do business with the Sales Person who showed the most interest in me and went out of their way to help me solve whatever need I had. I never do business with Sales People who blow me off and treat me as if my business didn’t matter.

Remember in Sales it’s always SHOWTIME! And I am here to make you great at what you do!

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