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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge Copyright 2011

There is change in the market, do you feel it? No I am not talking about the market, foreclosures or the recession. I am talking about Prospecting and the way you do it in the year 2011 versus how you did it in 2005 or 2000. So much has changed, have you?

With the invention of computers our world has changed dramatically and continues to change at rapid paces. With the invention of social media our prospecting and so much more has changed. To be a Top Producing Agent you must change with it and utilize these tools to benefit your sales and save time.

Here are three keys that will change your prospecting and tune it into the year 2011.
QualitySpend most of your time with your prospects discovering. Discover everything you can about them. The time you are with the prospect is as precious as gold, because once they leave your sight, you will have to work harder to get them to come back. Don’t ever forget that.

Quantity-You must have a consistent quantity and a stream of qualified leads to work with. You cannot depend on what is walking in the door when traffic levels are so low. You must do what you can to help drive more quantity. This is real change from the past that you should embrace.

Consistency-Consistent contact with qualified prospects can enable you to avoid market slowdowns, income plateaus and bring you confidence that you can’t buy. Prospecting and follow up with prospects should be your first choice of spending your time, when you are not with LIVE prospects. You should look forward to prospecting because it gives you the power to increase your sales, your income and your personal empowerment.

Use Tools, stay organized and stay focused. Here are twenty useful tips:
1. Use a contact management program, to stay organized and reach all of your A prospects with one touch.
2. Keep organized notes on prospects for smart, meaningful follow up.
3. Never forget to follow up with promised follow up with prospects.
4. Utilize social media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as marketing tools to get the word out. Make sure to have community pages, groups to post, loan information, buying tips and builder specials.
5. Find your prospects where you had never thought to look, find new places each week.
6. Prospect surrounding communities, past builder communities and ready to move up communities.
7. Develop a mindset that automatically asks, “Is this person a prospect?” Assume they are!
8. What local businesses can you help and that can help send you prospects?
9. Make sure to touch everyone you know… family, friends, acquaintances, everywhere you go.
10. Make sure everyone knows what you do for a living and that you are the Real Estate Expert.
11. Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with everyone who can give you leads or open doors.
12. Create a system to organize and follow up with your prospects and make it consistent…it’s key!
13. Make it your policy always to secure referrals from satisfied customers, their friends and family.
14. Advertise community events; Seminars, BBQ’s, Owner family days, Realtor tours, the ideas are endless.
15. Stay in touch through phone calls, emails, mailings, twitter, posting, texting and all methods available.
16. Create newsletters, personal letters, personal mailings that are of interest to the prospects.
17. Constantly be working out and thinking of ways to make your B prospect, A prospects.
18. Read books, journals, magazines and business news, attend seminars, to learn new ways to prospect.
19. Talk to other successful salespeople to learn their prospecting techniques.
20. Finally, make prospecting fun, its money and your lifeline; make a game out of it.

Remember your value as a Sales Person is Sales. When you are the Sales Person who brings the Sales to the table, you secure your employment, your livelihood and your future. Take charge in 2011 tune in with these tools and turn on your sales!
Happy Sales!

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    I would be interested in any current articles and suggestions you may have for BUILDING BETTER TRAFFIC.

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    Joan Sandberg

  2. Joan, what kind of traffic are you getting and what kind of traffic do you want?

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