Want a Raise?

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, Sales Coach and President of Home Builders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions

Whenever I hear these words, ” I want a raise”, I am reminded why I loved being on commissions for most of my life. I have friends who work for the State and they wait all year for a raise. If there are hiring freezes, sometimes they don’t get a raise or just get a cost of living, 4% raise. Then I know others who work the normal 8-5 jobs and when they want a raise they must get a good review from their boss, which comes once a year and the raise lies in the hands of their boss and their opinion of their performance.

Which brings me to my point. In Sales, a raise, doesn’t need to come once a year. Nor does it need to come via your Manager or Boss. In Sales, if you want a raise, you simply do the extra things you need to do to create an extra sale and presto…you have a raise!

By doing one new habit a month, you may create one or two more sales.

  • If you create one or two more sales a month that adds up to 12 or 24 sales per year.
  • If you make $1,500.00 per sale and make one extra sale per month that adds up to $18,000.00
  • If you make $1,500.00 per sale and make two extra sales per month that adds up to $36,000.00
  • And just like that, you have a RAISE!

Being a commissioned sales person is a wonderful thing. It’s not meant for the meek and mild personality. The brave and bold seeks the fortune and the brave, are usually the ones you find on commission. Those hunters, who want to control how they spend their day and how much money they will make in given day.

So remember, no matter the market, no matter the time…be thankful you are in control of your life and your raises!

Now do what you need to do today, to write that “raise” check, yourself!

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