What are the top 3 traits that make a Top Producing Sales Person?

December 31, 2009 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

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  1. Great Question! The 3 top traits of a successful salesperson, in my opinion:

    1) Resilience- The ability to bounce back without bringing negativity into your next encounter.

    2) Empathy – Mentally or emotionally project yourself into the feelings or state of mind of another person.

    3) Fortitude- Having the drive, energy and certainty that you will succeed.

    Be Blessed in the New Year!!

  2. Thanks Tiffany. You are right on target.

    Happy New Year too.

  3. Tony Siciliano says:

    In no particular order…

    1 – Learn to love the word “no”. If you are unable to brush off rejection in short order, then you’ll never make it in sales. This profession requires very thick skin.

    2 – Credibility…if you are unable to establish credibilty with your prospects, then your product will similarly be perceived to have a lack of credibility. People buy on emotion and justify it later with logic.

    3 – Do what you love, love what you do, and the money will follow. Someone else coined that sentence in the 1980’s, or perhaps further back, but if you dislike sales, then you’ll not make it in sales…period. And this aligns with clock watching, which MUST be a non-factor in your professional makeup. Leaving at 5 on the nose every day translates into a short sales career.

    OK, one more…

    4 – Patience…people buy on their timeframes. Said timeframes only align with yours if you have established the aforementioned credibility. Having done that, if you are being pressured to close out a fiscal period in a strong fashion, and if you have patiently established credibility, then you can pitch the quarter-close request and you’ll usually win, as will your customer.

    I could go on and on and on as most of you could also do, but I’ll keep it at four for now.

    Happy New Year to all of you. Let’s ALL knock it out of the park in 2010.

  4. Timothy Alan says:

    Alan Timothy
    Chief Scientist i-snapshot

    The most highly correlated action by a seller to revenue growth is their activity rate, the best just work harder than the rest, I think the other traits follow, in that they practise and seek to perfect their art and approach, followed by motivation which drives them to work hard and improve.

  5. Richard Kazmirchuk says:

    Richard Kazmirchuk
    Previously Director, Internet Operations at Newcom Business Media and General Sales Manager at Rogers Publishing

    1. Positive Attitude/Confidence/High Self Esteem
    2. Passion for what they sell and passion for helping their clients
    3. Commitment to themselves for ongoing professional and personal development

    There are far too many mediocre, half-ass and “fly-by-night” sales people that give the profession a bad stereotype. First learn how to sell properly the same way you would learn a sport or any other profession. Selling is not telling – it’s asking the right questions to obtain the right solution to provide your client.

  6. Kurt Burris says:

    Kurt M Burris
    Sales Representative at Vinos Unico

    I think it depends on the definition of a top producing sales person. Are you defining it by sales numbers or are you including how valuable the sales person is to her clients? I know there is a lot of overlap, but how I define it (as an independent wine broker} is a lot different than management at a large liquor distributor.
    I feel the three are: The ability to help your clients make money by anticipating trends and not selling them product that doesn’t fit their niche. Listening to your clients. Being trusted by your clients. Make sure they know you are vested in their success, not just making a placement.

  7. Boy Tony,

    You are right on about rejection, that is so true.

    Wishing you a fantastic New year!

  8. vicki steward says:

    1. They have to like you!!!!
    2. You have to be knowledgeable about your product/service and the competition’s
    3. You have to perform and follow through

  9. Karen Finkhousen says:

    Karen Finkhousen
    Sales & Marketing at American Dawn Inc.

    product knowledge, personality, tenacity

  10. Joseph Jimenez says:

    Joseph J. Jimenez
    Sales Manager at 1516 Forever

    Persistance, Follow up, Ask for the Order!

  11. Gary Hernbroth says:

    Gary Hernbroth
    Chief Motivating Officer – Training for Winners

    Listening skills, being consultative vs. pushy, and the ability to offer benefits, not features.

  12. Aroojpal Singh says:

    Aroojpal Singh
    Sales Executive at Taj Group of Hotels

    Knowledge, Patience & Passion!

  13. John Kelly says:

    John Kelly
    National Sales Manager

    Listen certainly, Don’t need or want the order more than the customer, Abundance

  14. Karen Finkhousen says:

    Karen Finkhousen
    Sales & Marketing at American Dawn Inc.

    product knowledge, personality, tenacity.

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