What do you Expect?

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SWAT-Sales Warriors Awaiting Training is a division of HBE that instills the basic skills to be great and blow away your competition.

Today we would like to start at the beginning and give you a SWAT tidbit to grow on each month.

I was with a friend the other day and she likes to go to the casinos and gamble.  I asked her if she had been winning lately and she said, “Well if I can just take home, what I bring, I am happy.”  I then said, really, if you set such low expectations, why bother going and wasting your time in a smoke filled casino?  She said, “Because it’s FUN!”  And I said, “But wouldn’t it be more fun, if you came home with MORE than you went with?”  I mean isn’t it just as easy to say, I am going to come home with more than to say I am going to come home with the same?  And you do realize that if you set that intention that will most likely be your result, right?

Which brings me to my point today.  The expectations we are setting for ourselves… are they enough?  Heck are you even setting any?  Do we operate on auto pilot and go with the flow or are we challenging ourselves to take the next step, to see the bigger picture, to be out of the box, to think bigger than average?

Isn’t it just as easy to say and set the intention of being a winner as being average?  Towing the line is just so dang boring and goes so unnoticed!

Wouldn’t it feel good to set your own goals instead of having your Sales Manager do it for you?

Wouldn’t it feel great to hear your Sales Manager say, “We need two from you this month” and you say, “Well my plan is to give you five…one a week plus one for the gipper.”  Believe me, by setting that intention, you would automatically start the process of making that happen.  Your energy alone would start responding to your brain state and statement.

But it all starts with YOUR expectations of yourself.  Your expectations of your work.  Your expectations of anything you find FUN or important.

So let’s start this week by setting some reachable, higher, expectations that YOU set.  Just this one step, this one change, will make a huge difference in your world.  You will stop being okay with the complacent and mediocre and start stepping out, over and above the rest.  You will wake up and show up, with a plan!

Plant the seed and watch how differently your week turns out…then your month.  Check back and tell me if you experienced different things that took place in your world when you did this one step!

I look forward to hearing about your success stories.

We make hundreds of decisions every day.
Today, remember that these decisions become the markers by which our life is guided.  Let us each make decisions and choices that lead to our highest goals and our highest potential. What is the most light-providing and life-giving choice we can make for our lives every moment this day?  Choose that.  Choose your dreams with each decision.  Why not?

Happy Sales

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