What do YOU stand for?

March 5, 2014 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

What do you stand for?

How will people remember you and call you again and again?

Very much like a builder who wants his homes to stand out from all of the rest, a Loan Officer or Sales Person needs to as well.  As I said in my last blog post, once you get them in front of you, you better have something compelling to say.

I always enter a relationship with the intention that I am giving something of value to the person I am in the relationship with.  As a Loan Officer, I wanted to give them the best possible financial assistance I could and have them walk away better than before they entered my office.  I would take a look at their budget and move things around to make it different and better than before they met me. I would give them a list of financial to do’s to make their plan work…payoff this debt, refinance this car and so on.  I would get excited and feel good from saving my clients $600.00 or more, a month, with my knowledge.  I still have friends (clients) who say some of the advice I gave them was the best advice they ever got.  That’s making a difference!  It is also making a client for life! And it’s what I stand for and who I am about.  I never treat people in a way I wouldn’t want to be treated nor gain from their ignorance to my business and with my pricing

I believe what goes around comes around and doing good business and always choosing the right thing brings you an abundance of good business.

Give some thought to who you are to your client and how you want to come across. Is it a one-time transaction or are you looking for clients for life.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life?  How can you use your knowledge and expertise to help someone who doesn’t know what you know? Because when the focus is on them, their family, monthly budget and best interests, products and pricing take a back seat.

Happy Selling!

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