What is the best FREE invention since 1979?

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Social Media silly!  Are you utilizing Social Media?  This may be a question that employers start asking new applicants.  It will determine if you are living in the present or in the past. Social Media is like a platform for FREE advertising and marketing.  If you are not using it, you are missing some opportunities to market yourself and your product for FREE.  I recently interviewed Realtors and one of my questions was, “What is your Social Media plan for the marketing of my home?”  Be ready, because this question could be coming your way as well in an interview.

Remember when computers came along and then the internet and so many were hesitant to go online.  Old timers said, “ I am no using that computer thingy!” And now everyone uses computers in personal lives and business.  Times have changed and you must decide if you are one of the people who jumps in and tries the new ways of business or one of the people who stands on the sidelines and gets left out.  Just as computers replaced typewriters, social media has taken over the internet.

Facebook is the easiest to understand. It has changed the way you communicate with your friends and family.  I know more about my nieces and nephews and what my friends are up to than I ever have.  You find old friends, schoolmates, and co-workers –and they find you!  You stay in touch with them and up to date on their lives.   In the same way, you can find customers and prospective customers – and they can find you.

LinkedIn has created a new way to make a cold call a warm call and a much more sophisticated way for you to connect with other businesses and prospects. You can go on LinkedIn and search by job title or companies or groups and find prospective customers at no cost.  By joining common groups, you expose yourself and your business to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses.  I can’t tell you how many people I meet that feel they already know me through the social marketing sites and internet marketing I do.

YouTube gives you the opportunity to post movies of your product, your community, your construction, your specials, your model homes…the choices are endless.  You have the opportunity to stand out from your competition here and be creative with your social media marketing.

Because of the internet, anyone can create a blog, a website, fan pages, business pages, you name it…and all of this can immediately inform their prospects, friends and family of what they do for a living and what products they have to offer.  When I started my social media quest, I dedicated a certain amount of time each day to building friendships, marketing and joining groups.   Before you know it, you will have thousands of connections and a wonderful new way to market what you do to others for FREE!  My prediction, get on the gravy train and start marketing yourself because next time you blink, things will be changing to some new form of Facebook and you want to make sure you are on board.

Happy Selling!

By Shirleen  Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach for Vortex Sales Solutions and Home Builders Edge Copyright 2011

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