What’s on the Agenda?

July 30, 2012 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

Imagine for a moment two sales people working side by side in offices right next to each other.

Imagine one of them arrives at work, dives right in and from one hour to the next is checking off things that she has put on her agenda. She knows that by staying off the computer initially, she can accomplish quite a lot of her list while customers are not there and blocking only 10 minutes to quickly check emails for emergencies, she can get back to her agenda.  She works quietly going down her prepared list of things she wants to accomplish for the day.  She does all of her contracts at once getting them ready for signings, she does an hour off follow up tasks prior to customers walking in the door and continues to check her list off in between clients coming and going.

Now imagine in the other office is a Sales Person who arrives with no plan.  She arrives, with some coffee, opens the models, gets on email, spends a few hours there, calls a few friends, waits on some clients who come to visit, gets back on email, deals with a upset client, calls her manager about it and throughout her day she just slides from one thing to another, whatever comes her way.  She doesn’t feel as though she can get anything done because of so many interruptions and fires she has to put out.

In these two scenarios you see a very common element.  A person, who comes in without a plan, never accomplishes much and results to firefighting an always feeling like that can get everything in.  Why?  Because they didn’t plan it!  They didn’t sit down and lay out a roadmap for the week or day.  It’s like arriving to a new city and driving around all day not knowing where you are going.  By the end of the day you would feel pretty frustrated.  And that is how Sales Person #2 feels.  Frustrated, tired and never achieving a feeling of accomplishment.


As the market picks up speed, your day to day routine will change. Having an agenda when you arrive will become an essential element to your success in this next market and in your business.

You will deal with more traffic each day and more sales…which makes for less time in your day to do more paperwork.

So as we enter this new market, having an agenda you create BEFORE you start your day, will help you to not only keep your sanity but get what you need to get done, DONE.  And still be able to fit in time to do the extra steps you need to do for marketing to new business.

I like to plan my week out on Sunday evening, before I start my new work week.  I like to plan out a basic week of activity, knowing I will define it daily, as the week progresses.

When you arrive with an agenda, you will be amazed at how much you can get done in a day.

Have a great week!


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