Where is your piece of the Pie?

June 21, 2010 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

For those of you, who have been in the business 5 or more years, you are now dealing with a very different market than in 2005.   In 2005 your average weekly traffic was on average, 100 visitors. In 2010 your weekly traffic is 10 on average. That is a huge drop. If you were to visualize it in a pie chart it would look something like this.

Your Pie
Therefore, my question is this; what are you doing different now to capture your sales considering your pie has shrunken so dramatically?  Have you changed your selling skills and tactics? Are you spending time with and following up on your ten visitors relentlessly?  Are you smart marketing?

If you were an expert shooter, trying to shoot the center of these targets you would definitely have to hone your skills to hit the small target. That is what you have to do as a Sales Person. You have to hone your skills in this market to be better at what you do, because you have 1/10 of the prospects you had in 2004. How are you going to get your piece of the pie? What will you do?



Your Time
Talking about time, the time you have on your hands
Should have changed dramatically as well.

You could reverse these circles when you
Are talking about time, because without
the number of prospects visiting, it should
have freed of loads of time for you. Use that
time to strategize, follow up, market, hone your skills
and by all means get to know everything
about the prospects that are visiting.

In this market, how will you get your piece of the pie?

•Maximizing your time

•Maximizing your sales skills and training

•Maximizing your prospects, really spending time and building rapport

•Maximizing your follow up and smart marketing

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  1. Del Barbray says:

    Excellent blog, Shirleen
    I have found that the market changes very quickly whether it is a good market like we had from 2002 to 2005 and/or a weak market like we have had since 2006 and because the market changes then i must change with it in order to be successful. The questions are still the same today as they were back in 2002 to 2005, but the answers have changed. By this I mean that the question of “how do I increase traffic to my community?” was asked back in 2002-2005 and is asked today. The answer to this question back in 2002-2005 was build it and they will come and today the answer is to implement a very strong social media sales campaign which includes ads on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and to engage your target market in an on-line conversation by blogging about your new home community. You must also have some print advertising along with a very strong lead follow-up program.
    I am always trying to take classes on social media, sales technique classes, construction classes, etc. so i can learn about the new techniques that work today. I do not rely on what worked back in 2002-2005 because times are very different today than they were back then.
    I always plan to make at least ten prospecting telephone calls a day, make five telephone calls to real estate agents and brokers, follow-up with my current backlog of buyers and visit at least one of the local real estate offices that is near my new home community to introduce myself to the sales manager and to let that particular office know about the homes that I am selling in the area.
    I always try to visit with the residents of my new home community to make sure that they are happy with their new home and then I ask them for referrals.
    I spend my time doing the things mentioned above in this market which help me increase traffic to my community and get more sales.

    Thank you
    You do a GREAT job.
    Del Barbray

  2. Gail Johnson says:

    Shirleen – You are absolutely correct about the change over the last 5 years. When you realize that your sphere is just surviving and not buying and selling it’s time to expand your sphere.

    Two years ago I began my “green” education for home owners. It started with a few designations (EcoBroker and NAR GREEN) and expanded to owning my own green education group EcoMonday.com and now volunteering in several green organizations in my area. My database has increased from a few hundred to a few thousand. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve done a real estate transaction with them or not, I’m becoming the “green” go to REALTOR.

    There’s never down-time in my mind. Fill it with something and “they will come”.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    You make a great point. I guess the heart of the matter is that sales needs to have a certain amount of fluidity to it in order to adapt to new markets and trends.

  4. Yes Jeremiah,

    The market is an everchanging environment. You must adapt your skills, time and attention to market as it changes. Just as if you went from a warm environment to a cold environment, you would put more clothes on. In this market we need to put more sales skills on and really work the prospects we do have coming in the door.


  5. Good for you Gail. Sounds like you found a niche that is helping you get through this market. There is never a down time in my mind either. It’s always filled with something!

    Great Job and Happy Sales!


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