Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda?

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches


Weekend is here!  Showtime.  Just a few thoughts, I will keep it short and sweet!  I want you to think about after each prospect encounter this week.


Woulda  – “Woulda I buy from me?”

Well would you?  Would you buy from you?  Are you the one who stands out from all the rest?  What do you do to stand out and make people feel welcomed, listened to, attended to and closed?


Coulda  –  “Coulda I have done something better with that prospect?”

After each encounter with a prospect I always like to ask myself, “What coulda I have done different with that prospect to be better and to make that sale happen?”  No one knows the answer to this but you.  You are your best judge… ( that is, if you are honest with yourself.)  Come on, be honest!  Can you be better?  Can you kick up your game a notch and become better with your prospects?  I say, always YES!


Shoulda  –  “What Shoulda I do to stand out with this prospect, now that they are gone?”

What shoulda you do to follow up with them and get them back in the door?  Is it going to be unique? Is it going to be something they really are looking forward to hearing about.  Did you find good reasons to follow up with them while they were there?  Again, how can I stand out to them, from all of the rest.


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda…three important things to remember if you want to be better at sales and better at your craft.  With each prospect encounter you can be bettering your selling and your sales!


Have a great week of sales!

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