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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach and President Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches


Successful organizations differentiate themselves to attract their market. How do YOU set yourself apart from the rest?  You own a business, you run a community, no matter what you do for a living, if you are in Sales,  you own it.  How do YOU make your customer experience so different they will remember you from all the rest?


If I name an organization, you will know right away how they set themselves apart from the rest.

  • When I say Ritz Carlton; you think elegant, great service
  • When I say Nordstrom; you think great service, quality product
  • When I say Mercedes; you think quality product, great engineering
  • When I say Starbucks; you think great service, customization, and quality product.


People & Prospect Experience

That is the key element of differentiation is YOU.  Think about it…Any positive experience you have ever had with a company came because of the People working there. Ritz Carlton and Starbucks don’t execute anything new that doesn’t begin with prospect experience.  They study every piece of their process and find ways to stand apart from the competition.


How do YOU make your customer experience different?

I am not talking about sending some standard follow up piece from a computer that thanks them for visiting.  I am talking about being totally present during each prospect encounter, giving them 100% of their attention, taking notes, finding needs, making personal relationships, selling, closing, unique follow up strategies, leaving reasons to follow up and exceeding expectations promised.  What if a Sales Person emailed a video of the home I was interested in as soon as I left the community?  How would that differentiate your company from the rest?  What if I had been to seven other communities that were impersonal and then I entered your sales office to a completely warm, friendly, inviting environment where I could feel a genuine helpfulness oozing from the Sales Person.  Where I felt important, valued for visiting, fully welcomed and listened to.  It’s huge!


That is why people buy.  That’s why, even during a recession when money is tight, they buy at Nordstrom; it’s why they love Starbucks’ and why they stay at the Ritz.  It’s all about PEOPLE creating an experience for the client.


So think of some small ways, where you can make a big difference in the lives of your prospects.  Do it today.  Because when you explore and improve every step of your prospect experience, you will see more sales coming your way tomorrow.


Happy Selling

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