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By Shirleen von Hoffmann Business Development Coach Home for Builders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions Copyright 2012

It’s important that we don’t just look at how we’re doing as a sales team, but that we also compare ourselves to other teams. If we want to be excellent, we have to be willing to do things that other people are not willing to do. In other words we have to come up with newer, better, smarter ways to sell that leave an impression with our buyers.  We want them to walk away and say, “No one gave us their time like ______ did or she was the only one who seemed interested in us.  Sometimes it’s that one or two little things you might do, that  make you better than the rest.

What one thing can you do today to WOW your prospects that is simple and easy to fit in?

Here’s one idea to get your juices flowing…As you have prospects come in today and you spend time with them, really listen to their needs, wants and details they are giving you.  Write down all the details, address them right away and use them for follow up. So as an example if I tell you I don’t know if now is the time to buy, but I really like this home…I am saying I am scared and I need you to help me make my decision.

By being prepared and being able to show me some compelling third party articles that say now is the time to buy and spending time on addressing rates being an all time low, it will quell my fears, which will allow me to move forward as a buyer and make my buying decision.  People will be grateful that YOU were the one who spent the time with them, went the extra mile to pay attention to the need and provide what I needed to move me forward. It also makes you a sales pro in their eyes to be so well informed. That is the essence of sales! Is your competition doing this?

I will tell you the answer is most times, NO.

What one thing can you do today on your follow up that will WOW your propspects to make them remember you over all the rest?

Here’s one idea to get your juices flowing…Have a video of each one of your models on youtube.  When one of your prospects loves one of your homes and goes home to think about it, send them a link from you tube of your home as your follow up piece.  No better way for them to fall in love but to see it over and over again.  Is your competition doing this?  I will tell you that answer is NO.

I am doing some amazing fun things with my IPAD for sales teams.  It’s going to change how we sell and follow up.  It will really make you stand out from your competition.  I will be sharing these ideas in an upcoming summer IPAD series I will be doing.  So stay tuned if you really want to stand out from the pack!

Happy Selling this weekend!  Great sprint days for it!

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