Your Weakness is my Gain!

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, Sales Coach-President HomeBuilders AdvantEdge® Copyright 2010 ©

I am sitting here giggling to myself because using the “old school” method of picking up a phone and talking to someone, still proves to be one of the best ways to build rapport and get the sale.  For once, I am proud to call myself an “Old School Girl” or as the kids say, “OG”.

I recently was on a training trip and received a call from a Banking Regional Manager, wanting to use my services for one of their Builders via a webinar.  I returned the call promptly but had to leave a message and informed my new prospect that I was predisposed in training sessions, out of town and would do my best to call back so I could speak with her directly.  I then had my assistant email her, on my behalf, to get some of the details of her phone call so I could call back on a conference call at a set time.  When I spoke with her, I wanted to be prepared in advance.

Once we made contact, I was surprised at how appreciative she was that I made time in my schedule to speak with her in person.  I asked her how she found me and she said that she had searched many people for the same job through NAHB (National Assoc. of Home Builders) and many of the names she mentioned, I knew.  She said that a few of them would not consider doing a webinar and that is the first service she needed, it was too “small” for them.  She then said, ”A few of them only responded through email and didn’t call me back to discover my needs, they had their “people” email her with their take it or leave it terms to speak and she didn’t like that at all.”  She thought it was rude and was turned off by their response.  She said, “It was like my business didn’t matter to them”.

She said, “The fact that we are now talking and getting to know each other gives me a great deal of comfort. I really like you and your background.  It’s amazing how much we have in common and how much you fit the bill for what I need.  I had three others to call but call no more, you are my girl!”

The best part of the story is that upon first hearing her request you might think that she wanted a small time job.  One webinar and she is from a small Midwestern town.  But upon speaking with her, questioning her and finding out her needs, I found out that this will be the first of many jobs with her branch and her company.  They had a conference call last week and many other Regional Managers with her company want the same thing and can’t wait for her to do her trial so they can do the same thing with the same person…ME.   She wanted to make sure I had plenty of books because the last person they brought in sold thousands of books and was hired across the country for many seminars to new home builders and realtors .

I thought, “How easy is this?”  I love it when my competition makes my life easier.  Or maybe I shouldn’t call them my competition because we are not competing with the same tools, skills or mindsets?  Once you are using strategies other aren’t, they seize being your competition.

The moral of the story…There is nothing like the power of picking up a phone or taking the time in person to really get to know your prospects, their needs and selling them what they need.  You just may be surprised with the results you get.  You will come out the winner and far surpass any competition you have, every time!                                                                                          Happy Sales!

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  1. Rick Nappier says:

    I’m a old school cold caller too. Wouldn’t have it any other way. After reading your story, I’m not sure what you did for the bank.


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