You’re 15 minutes away from the next sale!

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I love to think about the fact that I can do a few extra steps to make one more deal.


Add a few things to my routine that might change the world of my prospect and get one more deal.

One more sale a week=52 sales

One more sale a month = 12 sales

It’s a powerful thought and when your busy sometimes all you can do is fit in one or two extra tasks.  But what I find is the more organized I am with my calendar, the more I fit in.  So calendar in 15 minutes a day for those extra things you can do to generate an extra sale this week or next.

15 minutes…

Now 15 minutes goes by in a blink on Facebook or when you are cruising the internet.  15 minutes goes by very quick when you’re talking on the phone to a friend.  So calendar, block off the time and dedicate 15 minutes to going the extra mile, it WILL pay off.  It will pay off big in your pocket book.  Heck you can call that friend back while you’re at the back depositing your paycheck!

What to do in 15 minutes?

Make 10 follow up calls to prospects

X 5 days a week =50 calls X 52=2600 yearly.


 Send 10 prospect follow up pieces

X 5 days a week =50 follow up pieces X 52=2600 yearly.


Email a short note following up to 10 prospects

X 5 days a week =50 emails X 52= 2600 yearly.


 Email a “special” flyer to 50 recent visitors

via email X 5 days a week=250 0X 52=130,000 yearly.


Wow, that means if you calendared an hour a day for follow up you could touch 138,800.00 prospects, pretty easily in a year.  How many sales do you think you could get from touching 138,800.00 prospects in a year?  I would venture to say easily 25.  Easily!  What would you do with money from 25 more sales? Go ahead…do the math; it’s your world, your money and your 15 minutes.

See what I mean about extra steps making a difference.  Just 15 minutes…

Happy Selling this week!


Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales and Business Development Coach for Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches  Copyright 2012

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  1. Stephen Hart says:

    Great tips and they are very practical for those of us in sales. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your welcome Stephen…glad you liked it.

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